donderdag 18 februari 2010

CMYK dots

I'm currently trying to figure out how to translate photographs into hand-dotted images. The original picture that is worked from for first two samples is already quite abstract. That makes it hard to tell wether it works or not. The two samples you see below have different pre-press input. (See my portfolio for the end result.)

Photograph dotted with a 0.4 mm Stabilo fineliner, dotted in two densities.

Simplified photograph dotted with a 0.4 mm Stabilo fineliner, doted in two densities.

First test converting a full color image into a dotted drawing: Tijl in CMY. Nine layers of drawing in three different pen-types: 0.4 mm Stabilo, 68 Pen Stabilo and Bic Marking 2000.

I just realized that the step to make these drawings are directly inspired on a drawing by my father I recently saw on his blog. Sorry Pim and thanks!