zondag 4 juli 2010

Cadavre Exquis - Pen Pals

I met Mathias Reynoird in my livingroom when he came to visit Schrank8 in April 2010. Mathias is a graphic design student from France who was in Amsterdam for his internship at Lesly Moore. I had already seen his work online and was especially charmed by his alphabet. I was very honored when he e-mailed me a few weeks later and asked me to do an alphabet co-operation with him. He proposed to draw letters together Cadavre Exquis style.

We met up at an art supply store to find the perfect fine liner and over coffee we set the boundaries for our project. Mathias designed a charming ABC-base to draw from. We couldn't decide who should start drawing the first step, so we both did. We work on two alphabets simultaneously. We each draw a layer and pass it back. I find it really exciting.
Because Mathias has left Amsterdam and moved to Berlin for another internship, we have to continue our Cadavre project using the post. Guess that that makes us Pen Pals in more than one way...